Rape Culture: The Opera

Revolutionary Anamnesis

*This is a fictional story. CW: scenes describing sexual violence and misogyny, though not in graphic detail. 

Welcome to Rape Culture: The Opera. It’s opening night. The controversial and much talked about show has been shrouded in mystery, already sold out months in advance. Brad is attending with Lisa, an attractive younger woman he had a one-night fling with a few months back. Honestly, he is surprised that she has reached out to invite him. Their last date didn’t seem to go well though Brad could not figure out why. He had called and left messages but no response until tonight and he was happy to get another chance. He was also down to attend this edgy new show that had so many people in the art scene buzzing and he thought it would do good for his image to be seen attending, especially to be seen attending with a…

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Levantine Charnel House: An Analytical and Moral Cul-de-sac

Scratch the surface, and the sectarian nature of the Syrian civil war is a subterranean expression of an utterly alienated majority involved in an intense class struggle. Evidently, it is the outward religiosity of these marginalized classes that many observers on the Anglophone left are obsessed with, and in the process have operationalized standard Islamophobic tropes that… Continue reading Levantine Charnel House: An Analytical and Moral Cul-de-sac