Enlightenment Warrior or Merchant of Woo?

Jordan Peterson’s tonic for navigating a chaotic social order conceals a reactionary politics.


Svetlana Boym on Nostalgia

Out of the debris of the Post-Cold War, neoliberalism’s ideological mantra - the “dictatorship of no alternatives” as Roberto Unger called it - succeeded in terminating the possibility of future-oriented utopia, leaving a nostalgic utopianism to curdle in its wake. Only it is a utopia that is no longer directed towards the future. The Russian-American philologist… Continue reading Svetlana Boym on Nostalgia

Theses on ‘post-truth’

2016 has been an epoch-defining year. Amongst its victims, allegedly, has been 'truth'. It was truth after all, that was so grossly, so publicly undermined during the Brexit and Trump campaigns, ushering us into the age of 'post-truth' while stamping its entry into the Oxford dictionary with ceremonious pomp. What follows are some scattered thoughts, attempting to ground this peculiar moment: I. New media… Continue reading Theses on ‘post-truth’