France: the choice

Given the stress that French capital is under, and Thatcherite François Fillon’s tarnished candidacy, heterodox economist Michael Roberts argues that political upstart and centrist Emmanuel Macron is the only viable presidential candidate that can secure a pro-EU, pro-neoliberal order amongst the anti-systemic alternatives. Some valuable pre-election analysis:

Michael Roberts Blog

It’s only a week to go before the first round of the French presidential election and it seems that the race is wide open.  Only two candidates can take part in the second round in May.  But who will those two be?  Extreme right-wing Front National candidate Marine Le Pen has been the front runner in the polls over the last year, but her support has been slipping.  Ex-socialist minister and centrist darling of the bourgeois media, Emmanuel Macron is neck and neck with Le Pen, both at around 22-23%.  The official conservative (Republican) candidate Francois Fillon should be ahead, but he has been damaged by the expenses scandal of his wife and children getting huge government-funded salaries for parliamentary work which they did not do.  Even so, Fillon is getting about 18-19% share of those saying they will vote.  The big surprise in the last few weeks had been…

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Theoretical Reflections on the State in the Era of Trump

How 'Deep' is Your State? A spate of articles and conversations have been circulating social media feeds that have re-aligned focus on the 'deep state' and its shadowy machinations. It is used to explain how the Trump administration's first major scandal - the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security advisor - was the result of a powerful, institutional offensive. At the… Continue reading Theoretical Reflections on the State in the Era of Trump

Orange Aesthetics

It is clear what Trump represents: a gestational, proto-fascism that has been harnessed in the wake of an emboldened ethnonationalism across the Atlantic. Fascism is what capitalism traditionally exploited by emulating mass movements when threatened by steady left-wing movements and organized labor. Neither endangers capitalism today; instead, the crisis is strictly in-house. The liberal capitalist… Continue reading Orange Aesthetics

Elexistential dread: final thoughts on a spectacle to forget

As most Americans go to the polls today to elect the nation's forthcoming representative of an empire-in-decline, the curtain will finally be drawn on what has been an election cycle like no other in recent memory. The ugly invective, dull blather, and incessant moralising that it generated siphoned away all that might have once been redemptive in the world.… Continue reading Elexistential dread: final thoughts on a spectacle to forget

Žižek’s Trumpist fantasies reveal a shallow understanding of power

Enfant terrible of the Western Left, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek has made a career of provoking liberals and leftists at every conceivable turn. He revels in his role as ‘radical’ court jester, diagnosing the trappings of ideology at every nook and corner, while saying everything and nothing simultaneously. More recently, the refugee crisis has given him… Continue reading Žižek’s Trumpist fantasies reveal a shallow understanding of power