Dollar Hegemony

The position of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency remains unchallenged. What's behind its sustained attraction?


Beyond the Rentier State: The ‘Uneven & Combined Development’ of the Persian Gulf

How do we explain the interaction between the social formations and geopolitics of the GCC states?

Postmodernism: Periodisation, Permutations & Spectres

Postmodernism as a philosophy is most generally associated with two fundamental principles: anti-foundationalism and anti-essentialism. These may be characterised as the repudiation of metaphysics, that is, of any ultimate system of meaning in nature or the universe; and as the struggle against any normative idea of human nature. It promotes a skepticism toward sweeping universal, absolute… Continue reading Postmodernism: Periodisation, Permutations & Spectres

Theoretical Reflections on the State in the Era of Trump

How 'Deep' is Your State? A spate of articles and conversations have been circulating social media feeds that have re-aligned focus on the 'deep state' and its shadowy machinations. It is used to explain how the Trump administration's first major scandal - the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security advisor - was the result of a powerful, institutional offensive. At the… Continue reading Theoretical Reflections on the State in the Era of Trump

Žižek’s Trumpist fantasies reveal a shallow understanding of power

Enfant terrible of the Western Left, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek has made a career of provoking liberals and leftists at every conceivable turn. He revels in his role as ‘radical’ court jester, diagnosing the trappings of ideology at every nook and corner, while saying everything and nothing simultaneously. More recently, the refugee crisis has given him… Continue reading Žižek’s Trumpist fantasies reveal a shallow understanding of power