Europe Politics

Weak and Wobbly

A botched electoral campaign behind a moribund Theresa May saw the Conservative Party’s dreams of a thumping majority relegated to the dustbin of history.

Culture Ideology

Theses on ‘post-truth’

2016 has been an epoch-defining year. Amongst its victims, allegedly, has been ‘truth’. It was truth after all, that was so grossly, so publicly undermined during the Brexit and Trump campaigns, ushering us into the age of ‘post-truth’ while stamping its entry into the Oxford dictionary with ceremonious pomp. What follows are some scattered thoughts, attempting to ground this peculiar moment: I. New media […]

Politics U.S.

Elexistential dread: final thoughts on a spectacle to forget

As most Americans go to the polls today to elect the nation’s forthcoming representative of an empire-in-decline, the curtain will finally be drawn on what has been an election cycle like no other in recent memory. The ugly invective, dull blather, and incessant moralising that it generated siphoned away all that might have once been redemptive in the world. […]