The Permutations of Assadism

Traversing the complex terrain of information nihilism that fuels a reactionary disposition towards the war in Syria.


Levantine Charnel House: An Analytical and Moral Cul-de-sac

Scratch the surface, and the sectarian nature of the Syrian civil war is a subterranean expression of an utterly alienated majority involved in an intense class struggle. Evidently, it is the outward religiosity of these marginalized classes that many observers on the Anglophone left are obsessed with, and in the process have operationalized standard Islamophobic tropes that… Continue reading Levantine Charnel House: An Analytical and Moral Cul-de-sac

Theses on ‘post-truth’

2016 has been an epoch-defining year. Amongst its victims, allegedly, has been 'truth'. It was truth after all, that was so grossly, so publicly undermined during the Brexit and Trump campaigns, ushering us into the age of 'post-truth' while stamping its entry into the Oxford dictionary with ceremonious pomp. What follows are some scattered thoughts, attempting to ground this peculiar moment: I. New media… Continue reading Theses on ‘post-truth’

Rethinking Syria and the claptrap of anti-imperialism

Five years on, Syria’s tragic civil war has become the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Roughly half of the country's pre-war population (over 11 million people out of 20+ million), have been killed or uprooted from their homes, spawning a refugee crisis of unparalleled proportions in neighboring countries of Jordan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and… Continue reading Rethinking Syria and the claptrap of anti-imperialism